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Fan device is to ensure the supply of oxygen and plays a role of combustion.It has a decisive role to improve the output, yield, coal full combustion.

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11. Air supply system

 Nowadays, most lime kilns only supply air at the bottom, which is not evenly distributed, and is prone to the phenomena of partial burning, core extraction, coking and edge refining. The high pressure wind produced by our special combustion fan rises to the calcining zone through the cooling zone at the bottom of the kiln. The cooling zone is actually a heat exchange zone. The temperature of lime drops sharply when the natural temperature rises with high temperature lime. After heat and cold exchange, the heat is brought back to the calcination zone, and the lime is cooled below 80℃ to meet the requirement of ash temperature.

 The advantages of the equipment: in the cooling zone with a ring air supply, according to the set pressure, air volume and temperature monitoring system to adjust the oxygen supply in the kiln, to achieve the effect of regulating the calcination process, not only to solve the problem of partial sintering, coking, edge refining, pumping, complete combustion with the volatile matter emitted from the flue gas, so as to make the production process more stable and improve the stability and output of production.

Lime kiln air supply  and fan choice

No matter fuel mixing kiln or gas kiln, it needs a certain reasonable supply of wind, because any fuel combustion must have three conditions, namely fuel, air (oxygen), and open fire. Without any conditions, it will not burn.But the amount of wind is calculated based on the oxygen demand of the fuel’s combustible components, not too much or too little.If the excess air is discharged as flue gas, a lot of heat will be taken away. If the air volume is small, the fuel will not be fully burned, resulting in the downward motion of the calcining section and the waste of energy.Only reasonable air supply can have good calcining effect and achieve the purpose of saving energy.Its air volume is generally calculated according to the following formula : (omitted in the calculation formula) its pressure should be calculated according to the different resistance formed by different kiln type and different raw material granularity.Generally speaking, shaft kiln resistance can be pressed40 — 70 mm water column/effective height (m) formula to calculate.But the grain size of raw fuel is also different.Therefore, the fan should be selected on the basis of theoretical calculation and on the basis of specific furnace type and practical experience,Can have good use effect.

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