Dust collector

Dust collector

  • Environmental protection process assembly

    Environmental protection process assembly

    Environmental protection systems Dust Collect The extremely fine particulate matter (soot) produced by high temperature is not treated and directly discharged without organization, which seriously pollutes the atmospheric environment. The soot contains a large number of heavy metal elements, and the excessive inhalation seriously affects human health.There is also a risk of explosions from very fine dust. According to the working conditions of lime kiln producing dust, cyclone dust remover w...
  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    Cyclone Dust Collector

    Dust - containing flue gas first enters the cyclone dust collector, the large particles of dust falls to the bottom of the cone through centrifugal rotation, so that the large particles of dust can be removed.
  • Bag-type Dust Collector

    Bag-type Dust Collector

    After coming out of the flue gas moisture absorber, the dust-containing gas enters into the bag dust collector. Through the layer filtration of the bag net, the small-particle dust is left in the bag to achieve the effect of removing small-particle dust.
  • Water film desulphurizer

    Water film desulphurizer

    The dust and sulphide flue gas flowed from the bag filter enters into the circular tower.
  • Induced draft fan installation

    Induced draft fan installation

    The induced draft fan is used to extract the high temperature flue gas in the furnace, which is widely used for the ventilation and the air in boilers and industrial furnaces.
  • Screw-type Air Compressor

    Screw-type Air Compressor

    With its high performance, high efficiency, maintenance free and other advantages, Screw type air compressor consistently provide high quality compressed air for all walks of life.

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