Furnace Grill Of The Kiln Body

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The furnace grill is the equipment for finished lime screening and guiding , and the furnace body air supply.

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8. furnace mountain system

The finished lime passes through the furnace frame under the action of gravity, the small particles fall directly on the dust hopper, the large particles stay outside the furnace mountain, protect the combustion pipeline, ensure the oxygen supply, can automatically control the discharge speed of the finished product in the furnace, and is of great help to the smooth surface, high yield and fuel combustion.

If the size of limestone is uneven, the difference is too large or the impurity is too much, the furnace material is turned off in the furnace, resulting in airflow disorder, unstable calcining zone, serious over-burning, resulting in serious furnace tumor. If the coal particle size is not up to standard and the particle size is too small, the heat is insufficient when the calcining zone is CaCO3 decomposed, which is easy to cause clipping. If the particle size is too large and the cooling zone is still burning, the ore discharge temperature is too high, which wastes fuel and makes it difficult to unload ash. Without qualified and stable raw materials, fuel, can not produce qualified products, so with qualified fuel as the basis, coupled with advanced technology, to ensure the high quality of products.

Quality standards for quicklime:

The general standard of lime quality is: calcium oxide content, un-burnt rate, over-burnt rate, activity degree, harmful composition content, etc., but more importantly, different industries, different application have different standards.For example, calcium carbide industry emphasizes on the activity of soft ash, while iron industry emphasizes on the strength, so it is necessary to burn hard lime, while steel industry emphasizes on soft lime .So its indices are also different.Generally, the content of calcium oxide in standard quicklime should be above 97%, the rate of un-burnt rate and over-burnt rate  should be less than 10%, and the active calcium should be above 300mi.

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