Juda Kiln-Cross section of bottom of kiln

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Superior performance of equipment

(1) High daily production (up to 300 tons per day);

(2) High product activity (up to 260~320 ml);

(3) Low burn rate (≤10 per cent;)

(4) Stable calcium oxide content (CaO≥90 per cent);

(5) Easy operation and control in the kiln (no pumping, no deviation, no cascade, no furnace, balanced settlement of coal in the furnace);

(6) Reduction in the amount of lime consumed by the product after use by the enterprise (30 per cent for steelmaking, desulphurization and slagging ,25 per cent for calcium hydrogen phosphate production ,20 per cent for ferroalloy production and 20 per cent for calcium carbide alumina production);

(7) High yield per unit product after steelmaking (product yield can be increased by more than 1%);

(8) Low emission pollution (SO2 emissions below national control standards);

(9) Useable wastes, such as waste gas and other wastes.

Production process characteristics:

1) furnace type is reasonable, using vase inner shape. This design makes the airflow distribution uniform and the material heated evenly, which is not only conducive to the uniform decrease of the material, but also to the continuous increase of the cross-sectional area, which is conducive to the heat exchange between the gas and the material, and gives full play to the preheating effect of the airflow on the stone. Reduce heat loss. The change of kiln body diameter is beneficial to material preheating, fuel combustion and heat energy utilization, accelerating lime calcination, thus reducing fuel consumption, cooling lime fully, reducing ash temperature and recovering heat energy. Reduce energy consumption.

2), the principle of air supply is adopted, the lower part is forced by blower, the upper part is annular flue and gravity inertial dust collector, and the induced fan and chimney force are used, which is not only conducive to environmental protection and dust removal, but also conducive to increasing air volume and output.

 3) energy saving and environmental protection active lime kiln equipment is simple and reliable, long life, low production and maintenance costs.








Occupied area



Total Height



Effective Height



Outer diameter



Inner diameter



Firing temperature



Firing period




Anthracite, 2-4cm ,calorific value greater than 6800 kcal/kg


 coal consumption

125-130 kg standard coal for 1 ton lime



External steel structure and firebrick lining


Mean of delivery

Belt conveyor with hood


Coal and lime stone distributing

Rotary feeder


Lime Discharging

 Four-sides Discharging


Air supply

combustion blower


Dust extraction

Cyclone dust removal + multi-pipe radiator +bag-type dust removal + water film desulfurization dust removal






Fully automatic computer control



1 program control operator;

1 kiln technician;

1 maintenance worker;

1 loader driver


Construction period

120-150 effective working days

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