Advantages and disadvantages of different lime kilns

Nowadays, with the gradual implementation of the national economic construction, the demand for lime has been increasing. However, the traditional earth kiln has been banned by the state due to its high energy consumption, low thermal efficiency, high overburning rate and serious pollution. Nowadays, new mechanized kilns are widely used, which can be divided into vertical lime kilns and rotary kilns. Then there are three different kinds of lime kilns for these two kinds. Which one is more economical and environmentally friendly? Let’s compare them;


1. Rotary kiln is a type of kiln with large production capacity, which is mostly used in iron and steel enterprises to produce lime with high activity and low content of carbon dioxide, sulfur and phosphorus. This type of vertical kiln has the following advantages: 1. Large production scale, can reach 2000t/d production; 2. 2, can calcine small particles of lime; 3, easy to operate, stop the air, easy to reopen; 4. The product quality is uniform and the lime quality is high. Its disadvantage is that the thermal efficiency is higher than the mechanized shaft kiln. The equipment has the advantages of large weight, large footprint and high investment. 5. High troubleshooting rate. 6. At the same time, because the sealing performance of rotary kiln is worse than that of mechanized vertical lime kiln, more air leaks into the kiln, so the carbon dioxide concentration is low. According to the operation experience of similar kiln type in China, the carbon dioxide concentration of kiln gas is generally no more than 15%, while the carbon dioxide concentration of mechanized vertical lime kiln gas can reach more than 30%.


2, mechanized vertical lime kiln is the most common kiln in chemical production, feeding and ash discharge are mechanized, each calcination area has automatic temperature recording instrument. The inner diameter of the furnace is 4.5-5.5m, the effective height is 20-30m, and the effective volume can reach 200-400m3. Raw material requirements: lime stone degree 30-120mm, coal particle size 20-50mm. This kiln-like type has the following advantages: 1. High preheating and cooling effect and high thermal efficiency; 2. Small footprint; 3. Low equipment cost, less auxiliary equipment and less investment; 4, lime moving speed is slow, less powder ash. The mechanized vertical lime kiln is the main calcining equipment in the production of cement and alumina. The kiln has the advantages of reasonable design, advanced technology, large bearing capacity of transmission device, long service life and stable output, which can produce high quality lime. Its disadvantages are: 1, limestone particle size is limited, high overburning rate; 2. High level of operation; 3. If the fuel is high in sulfur, the finished product is also high in sulfur.


Understand their advantages and disadvantages, respectively, in the purchase of lime kiln, you do not have a specific concept?

Post time: Feb-20-2021

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