Dust removal technology of lime kiln

There are many types of lime kilns. The development of lime kilns has also helped the production and processing of our industry, but how much do we know about the dust removal knowledge of lime K kilns? Today we will briefly introduce some of them.

There are many kinds of dust removal methods for lime kiln. It is necessary to choose the dust removal method for lime kiln according to the actual situation and the effect you want to achieve

For example, the dust removal temperature is required to be 245℃, and the smoke volume is 45615m3/h. The purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere by a high-temperature resistant fan through the smoke chart. In order to prolong the service life of the bag, the dust removal equipment can be selected by using 765m2 off-line low-pressure pulse cloth

Bag dust remover. The overall heat preservation of the dust collector is made of 80mm rock wool and exterior color steel plate.

In addition, the material selection of dust remover, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, pneumatic flap valve open and close flexible, open and close in place, no air leakage phenomenon.

2. The welding parts of the equipment shall strictly comply with the relevant national welding standards. Perform visual inspection and corresponding non-destructive inspection according to the importance of parts.

3. The design, material selection and production of air bags shall be carried out in accordance with national standards and relevant design specifications.

4, the filter material is fluoromez, temperature resistance 250℃.

5. The fittings adopt standardized components and standardized equipment components to meet the needs of users for replacement.

Post time: Apr-15-2021

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