Lime kiln knowledge

Lime kiln is an important equipment in our production of lime, and the related types of lime kiln are also increasing, so how much do you know about the relevant knowledge of lime kiln? Then we will briefly introduce some for you.


The fuel of burning lime is very wide, solid fuel, gas fuel, liquid fuel can be, but the burning principle of the new technology environmental protection lime kiln is that the fuel should be economic, more conducive to environmental protection, more can save power, these are the key of the new technology environmental protection lime kiln. Now the first widely used is coke and gas. In terms of the new technology, the most ideal gas is still gas, including blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, calcium carbide tail gas (gas) furnace gas is the best fuel for environmental protection limestone kiln. Because these gas fuels are attributed to the use of waste, the cycle of economic nature. Especially like coke oven gas is now most of the release, the cost is very rich, followed by blast furnace gas, and then the carbide tail gas, if the gas is used, it can save a lot of power, two to the environment can be protected, more importantly, the company can receive excellent economic benefits.


Thoroughly can deal with coke oven gas burning lime question. The amount of fuel used to burn lime is related to its furnace type and the calorific value of the fuel. The heat required for calcining lime is obtained from the combustion of fuel. The primary component of fuel, the molecular formula of carbon combustion process is C+O2 = CO2, and the gas fuel is calculated according to its calorific value. Because the production equipment and technical conditions of each factory are not the same, there are differences. The soot discharged by lime kiln equipment during calcination is rich in many harmful gases and dust below 10 microns. The damage of these harmful gas and dust to human body is very big, if people is inhaled for a long time can cause the respiratory sex disease such as bronchus and lung, children is more serious, and in the dust in floating in the sky still rich in carcinogenic substance. New technology lime kiln, its main advantages are in addition to low energy consumption, high output value, good quality, the biggest advantage is easy to dust.


In our above introduction, we believe that everyone also has more understanding and understanding of the relevant knowledge of limestone kilns. Although the types of limestone kilns have changed, their production and processing standards are improving, and they are also constantly helping the development of our industry. I believe there will be better development and change in the future. Let’s wait and see!

Post time: Jan-15-2021

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