The application of quick lime

QUICKLIME is produced from limestone containing a mixture of both calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Both high calcium quicklime and dolomitic quicklime are produced by heating raw limestone deposits in a kiln up to temperatures of 900 degrees. This process is referred to as calcination process.

The quicklime products are often ground into a fine power referred to as PULVERIZED QUICKLIME that is ideal for mixing with additives or other materials to result in specialized blended composites. Due to the chemical nature of some additives, the quicklime can become “Fluidized”, that is, having properties of being highly fluid. The fluidized quicklime is ideal for use with special material handling systems for optimum flowability and to avoid clogging.

Quicklime can also be hydrated with water, in a process commonly referred to as slaking, resulting in HYDRATED QUICKLIME (or calcium hydroxide), a dry free flowing powder product that is practical and efficient for many uses.

It also can used as analytics reagents, spectral analysis reagent, phosphor mechanism. Auxiliary solvent, vegetable oil decoloring agents, gas analysis, used on carbon dioxide absorber. Lot reagents used in semiconductor production of denotation, and diffusion process.

Specific Usage:

1) Use in each kind of feed additive calcareous quantity reaching 55.6 above not objectionable constituents the

2) With makes the plastics plant, the rubber factory, the coating factory, waterproof store depot raw material and the inside and outside walls whitewashes. Albedo above 85 degrees.

3) Uses in making buckles the board, falls in the water the pipeline, the chemical industry. Albedo above 93 degrees.

4) May use in the toothpaste paste body, the soap. Albedo in 94 degree above

5) Uses in the rubber, the plastic, the electric cable, the pvc albedo in 94 degree above the

6) Pvc, PE, the paint, the coating level product, the papermaking bottom spreads, the papermaking surface spreads, albedo above 95 degrees. Has, the high albedo, non-toxic, the odourlessness, the thin oil material to be low high-purity, degree of hardness is low.

Post time: May-25-2020

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