The significance of cleaning lime kiln

At present, the society is advocating environmental protection, so the lime kiln development should also be clean. At present, the most common limestone calcining device is the vertical kiln. Its structural characteristics mainly depend on the combustion method of fuel and the production capacity of the kiln. According to the type of fuel used and the different combustion methods, the shaft kiln is divided into mixing retention and gas theft.

Lime is widely used in many industries, including roads, construction and chemicals, and is in high demand, according to news reports. Lime kiln limestone belts “of shaanxi weihe” drought region is very rich in resources, calcined lime is an important economic source of the local people ‘income, but the traditional earth kiln belongs to the backward technology declared obsolete by formal decree of the state, the smoke and dust produced in making direct emissions into the atmosphere, serious ecological environment pollution, affect the mass production and living. The local government has cracked down on it several times, but the resurgence has occurred from time to time. How to meet the requirements of environmental protection in lime production has always been a difficult problem for local people and governments at all levels.


Our country today to put environmental protection as an important support, transition across the elements of the safeguard, closely combine the economic development and environmental protection, green kiln are leading the development of reversed transmission transformation with environmental protection, realizing harmonious coexistence, environment and economy development together with the coordinate transformation, the green development path out of a resource-based regions. We should take environmental protection as an important driving force in transforming the development model and an important engine driving seek improvement in stability. We should actively explore a new path of development that is low-cost, cost-effective, low-emission and sustainable. The effectiveness of development should be measured by whether the cost of resources has been reduced, the quality of the environment improved, and whether the energy conservation and environmental protection industries have grown.


At present, we have new technology to produce highly active lime of quality, the microcomputer automatic control, material into the lime kiln automatic charging uniformity, kiln calcination on the furnace temperature, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, air pressure, such as the real-time online monitoring, lime quality is stable, high product quality, market demand, the environmental impact indicators meet the national requirements.

Post time: Mar-05-2021

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