What should be paid attention to when the bag filter is used

The bag filter is a high quality dust removal equipment in the dust collector at present. This dust removal equipment has very low discharge concentration, very little energy consumption, low steel consumption, low air leakage rate, less space occupied by the equipment, safe and stable operation in the dust removal process, especially good economic benefits.


This dust remover is widely used and suitable for all fields, especially for heavy industry enterprises. This dust remover is suitable for heavy industry enterprises such as building materials industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, light industry, electric power industry and so on. The principle of electrostatic precipitator is that the flue gas is ionized by high voltage electric field, and the dust charge in the flow is separated from the flow under the action of electric field. The negative electrode is made of metal wires with different cross sections and is called a discharge electrode. The dust collector has high efficiency, low resistance and convenient maintenance and management. It has the same effect as bag filter in collecting fine dust particles. A bag filter is a dry dust filter device. It is suitable for collecting fine, dry and non-fibrous dust. Filter bag used textile filter cloth or non textile mat is made, using the fabric filter effect of dust filters, gas when dusty gas into the bag filter, large particles, major dust, due to the effect of gravity settling down, fall into the hopper, contains the fine dust of gas through the filter material, the dust were blocked, the purified gas.


The bag filter box body is well sealed, the box body is designed with air tightness, the inspection door is designed with excellent sealing materials, and there is a very low air leakage rate. The single-machine dust collector is specially designed for the top and bottom of cement factory storehouse. Designed for belt conveyance and local dust source dedusting. It can also be used for dust removal of local dust sources in other industries. It has the advantages of small volume, large air volume, compact structure, convenient and reliable operation, etc. The outlet duct and the inlet duct of the equipment are arranged in a compact manner with little airflow resistance. This kind of dust collector adopts the separation chamber to stop the air and blow the dust, the dust cleaning cycle is long, the consumption is low, the service life of the filter bag and the valve piece are very high. This kind of dust removal equipment is convenient for maintenance, which can carry out equipment maintenance without stopping the machine, and will not delay the normal work of the equipment.


When the bag filter is in use, it should be noted that if there is much moisture in the flue gas and the flue gas carries a strong moisture absorbability, the filter bag bonding will block the filter material. In order to make the dust filter work normally, insulation measures should be taken for the dust filter. It is necessary to ensure that the moisture in the air does not condense so that the dust removal effect can be good.


The bag filter has a strong effect of dust removal. It should be noted that if dust removal equipment is used in cold areas, water vapor will condense and affect the spraying effect of the dust collector. Try not to put the dust collector outside. Dust removal equipment A device that separates dust from flue gas, also known as a dust remover or dust removal equipment. Dust removal equipment is the use of downhole dust removal water pipe and pressure air pipe line, add certain additives in water, introduce wind pressure, through special equipment, complete a series of technological processes, produce foam, through dispenser, sprinkler support components sprayed on the dust source.


Post time: Nov-27-2020

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