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The snail style distributing device adopts the horizontal and vertical spreading technology to adjust the rotating speed of the distributing device and the size of the material baffle according to the inner diameter of the kiln.

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6.Horizontal feeder

The horizontal distributor of the kiln body has a special structure. It can mix limestone and coal evenly, drop the fixed point to the preheating zone at the top of the kiln, and the material surface is even and smooth, so that the coal block is heated and burned evenly.

Each ton of lime saves more than 15 Kg of coal compared with other methods of distribution

Fabricators, burners and other accessories for lime kilns:

The main auxiliary equipment of lime kiln is feeding mechanism, distributor, air supply device, combustion device, ash unloading device, etc. Relatively speaking, mixing lime kiln cloth is very important, because it must put fuel and limestone into the kiln at the same time, realize the reasonable distribution of furnace material in kiln, eliminate furnace wall effect, balance furnace resistance, and strive for the whole section “fire” uniformity. Therefore, the form and effect of distributor have a great impact on the production efficiency of lime kiln. At present, there are a variety of cloth, including rotary cloth, conch cloth, fixed cloth and so on. The rotary adjustable baffle plate distributor developed by Juda kiln combines the principle of “funnel pipe effect” and “inverted W pile angle effect” with adjustable gear plate. The structure is simple. It has a good effect on solving the problem of uniform mixing of raw fuel and reasonable distribution of particle size. And has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and easy maintenance and other advantages. Especially suitable for small and medium lime kiln configuration. The main accessory equipment of the gas kiln is the burner, because its gas fuel is mixed in a certain proportion of the combustible gas and the required oxygen (air) through the burner, and the amount of air needed for different gas is different. Different furnace types, different heating methods, it needs different flame types.

Such as premixed, semi-mixing, external mixing and oxidation flame, neutral flame, reducing flame and so on, so the burner burner of gas kiln determines the calcining effect of lime kiln. Of course, other ancillary equipment is also very important, such as hood, similar is very simple, but it is necessary to use computer simulation to design its air volume distribution on the whole kiln section to have a good effect.

The “tower multi-layer probability hood” made by Juda kiln can blow the wind to the whole section of the kiln, and at the same time, the “kiln grate” device is added to the bottom of the kiln to solve the problem of partial kiln and pumping. The good air supply effect not only increases the output but also reduces the coal consumption. The final profit increases.

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