Two Stage Lock Air Valve

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Two stage lock air valve device is a full sealing equipment developed by our company according to the actual production situation.

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10. Air lock system

Two-stage air-locking valve device: is one of the indispensable processes in the production of lime shaft kiln. The general ash removal equipment is to stop the air and exhaust ash, this equipment is to keep the air and seal the ash: in the process of ash removal, due to the rotation sealing of the two baffles, the combustion air will not leak from the lower part, which can effectively improve the quality and output of lime.

structure of the equipment: the device is composed of upper and lower two section baffle box, each baffle box is composed of baffle, inner rocker arm, spindle, outer rocker arm, cylinder, solenoid valve, speed control valve, pneumatic part, lubricating part (refer to the attached drawing).

Parameters of equipment: model JD200-JD300、 ash unloading capacity 70 T/h-100T/h、 working pressure 0.4 MPa-0.4MPa

Production 100-300 T/D 、 Working temperature <100℃5000 kg-<100℃8000

Principle of equipment: two-stage valves work alternately under electrical control to ensure that the combustion air does not leak from the lower part. The two-stage valve body is alternately opened or closed by the rocker arm under the alternate operation of the cylinder. When the upper baffle is opened, the finished ash from the upper tribe to the upper valve body, after the upper baffle is closed, the lower valve body baffle is opened, and the finished ash in the upper valve body memory will fall on the finished product belt through the lower valve body to complete a ash removal action.

Features of air lock valves:

a  equipment with four-sided ash machine, in the continuous ash discharge to make the furnace seal well, do not affect the combustion air continuous air supply.

b ash removal process does not squeeze, damage lime block.

c equipment operation preparation, reliable, free of frequent maintenance, low failure rate.

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